Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Irrational Fear

I am TERRIFIED of centipedes. Not the way most people say they are scared of spiders. I mean crippling fear. The other day, I was innocently sitting at my computer waiting for itunes to start up when I found myself caught in a scene from a horror movie. Out from behind my lovely painting on my wall crawled what i now know to be called (after making Courtney Google facts for me) the House Centipede. I blinked, and it was still there. It was ugly, and icky, and fast, and scary! It scampered across the wall and I pushed myself back across the room in my chair and made a sound like this:


And my eyes were THIS BIG!

I didn't know what to do. Because in my world, the next worse thing to a live centipede in your room is a dead centipede in your room. But I had to kill it. Courtney was across campus and thus could offer no help at the time and it had conveniently crawled between myself and the door. I was trapped. I thew a shoe. Then three more shoes. It was sneaky and could dodge well. After an intense stare down session, I threw one of Courtney's rainbows (with slightly too much force) at the awful creature and literally conquered my fear. But not figuratively. I was left with literally shaky hands and did not dare go clean up the guts or corpse. 

P.S. I may have written this dramatic and satirical, but in reality the feelings I have expressed were real.

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